Target audience:

You are a student of the Spanish language and you want to have fun while learning more vocabulary.
You are a Spanish teacher and you want a game to help strengthen your students' learning in a fun way.
You have a gathering with family or friends and you want a game where you can have fun together.


The lotería is the Mexican version of bingo. The ¡Hola Lau! Lotería is an educational game to learn Spanish vocabulary through Mexican culture.

56 cards (6.2 cm. X 9.5 cm.)
10 playing boards letter size
165 tokens                                                                                               1 velvet pouch

Number of players: 2 – 10
Age: 4+

Game rules:

  • Each player chooses a playing board.
  • One player will be the "screamer" who will call out the cards.
  • The full deck of cards will be face down.
  • The "screamer" starts the game by saying "corre y se va corriendo con..." and takes a card from the deck of cards and shouts the name, showing the card to the rest of the players.
  • If the image of the card is on the player's playing board, they place an object (token, bean, pebble, etc.) on top of that image.
  • Whoever completes all the images on their board and shouts "Lotería" wins!