Your Way

To learn and speak Spanish fluently

If you want to learn Spanish or you have studied it and you feel that you are not making progress, I will help you speak Spanish more fluently and read a simple book in this language.

If you want your children to feel more interest in the Spanish language, I encourage them through various educational resources to stimulate their curiosity and interact in your native language.

This is Laura Judith Reyes López, Mexican teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching. I love my culture, I am fascinated by my language and education is my passion. 

I would love to accompany you in your process of learning, practicing and improving Spanish. 

We are committed

To working for the comprehensive education of the student, in which they are active protagonists of their training process.

Our initiative's values are responsibility, honesty, respect, equality, gender equity, leadership, tolerance, creativity and affection.

In this Community, the student is the protagonist of their own training process, in which their diversity is taken into account, fostering the spirit of improvement, cooperation, respect, solidarity, creativity and a sense of transcendence.

Our goal is to make students feel that they are valuable, that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to, and that they don't compare themselves to anyone else.  

Our greatest satisfaction is seeing how students learn to express themselves and understand what they are reading and listening because it is their achievement. We are an instrument, the means for them to achieve their goals because the work is done by them.

Education for us is the main asset of a society.