On this Site you will find activities and materials to learn Spanish
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Learn the language in an interactive and fun way


Storyteller in Spanish

1 hora ·
$20 CAD
Session with an expert Spanish-speaking storyteller who provides a healthy space to develop listening, comprehension and expression skills in Spanish.

Academic Support

1 hora ·
$35 CAD
Tutorials that support academic development in basic, intermediate, and advanced Spanish. Individualized and personalized accompaniment.

Private Spanish Classes

1 hora ·
$40 CAD
Spanish classes for basic, intermediate and advanced levels with printable and digital support material, with extra activities to practice at home. Texting during the week to practice outside of class. Personalized and individualized attention.

Group Spanish Classes

1 hora ·
$20 CAD
Group sessions where a program of Spanish as a foreign language is followed at the basic and intermediate level. With practical exercises between colleagues, materials to do at home and messages during the week to continue practicing. Personalized and group attention.

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